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Why Geo Medical

Why Geo Medical
GEO Medical is the leading brand of circle lenses in the market today, and is very popular in Southeast Asia now due to its comfort and assortment. It is available with or without power, adding to its popularity among women and even men.

With home at Business Center of Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology. GEO Medical Co.Ltd. is growing as a leading venture enterprise specialized in bioengineering researcher and manufacturer of contact lenses. They are also internationally known for their outstanding quality & innovative lens designs.

GEO Medical is also far ahead of other brands in terms of lens care and safety - It has been certified and approved by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), CE (Conformité Européenne - Europe), KFDA (Korea Food & Drugs Administration) and MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare).

All our Geo contact lenses are of course genuine, but we urge all customers to check the authenticity of their lenses with GEO’s forgery checking system here