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Company Profile
Geo Coloured Lenses is a reseller of GEO Medical contact lenses and aims to promote the Geo brand worldwide since 2008.

Our founder has been wearing Geo contact lenses for years, swearing by its comfort and ease of use. It doesn’t hurt that the lenses are pretty and comes in various colours as well!

The circle lenses available at Geo Coloured Lenses are colored contacts, but not normal coloured contacts as they make your eyes look more alluring, beautiful and defined.

Research shows that faces with prominent limbal rings are considered more attractive. To achieve said effect, circle lenses are designed with colors coated upto the edge to create a more prominent iris. Circle lenses are definitely a necessary purchase for anyone who seeks to incorporate excitement into their makeup.

Intensely focused on our efficient, helpful and speedy customer service, we aim to reply all emails and enquiries within 24 hours.